STRATA Management

Emergency Plan

Strata Department Emergency plan

Sometimes you may be faced with an emergency situation. An emergency is defined as something that may harm someone, or may cause further damage to the property if left unattended.

Our Strata Manager can only guarantee to be contacted during working hours and for this reason our office has an after hours paging service to a nominated staff member. If you are faced with an emergency situation which has caused damage to COMMON PROPERTY, phone the office number and leave a detailed message for the Strata Manager. If necessary listed below is information on items that are classified as an emergency situation and instructions on how to deal with that emergency without the assistance of your Strata Manager.

In an emergency situation the contractors should be informed that they should address their accounts to the owner concerned. If the Strata Company, or its insurer, accepts liability for the account, the Strata Company will reimburse the owner. The Strata Company will only accept liability for any accounts which relate to the repair or replacement of common property.

In the event of any disagreement arising from the reimbursement of such claims, the decision of the Council of Owners or the insurer is final.

Reach Out to Us

Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5:00PM

Severe Damage to Property (Vehicle Impact, Storm, Explosion Collapsed Ceilings)

  1. If injury to another person call an ambulance on 000.
  2. If there is a fire call the fire brigade on 000.
  3. Call SES (State Emergency Service) on 1300 130 039.
  4. If there are any burst water pipes or gas leaks, turn the water/gas off at the mains and call the plumber listed below.
  5. If there is any electrical damage, turn the power off at the mains and call the electrician listed below.
  6. If there is structural damage to the house, flooding or electrical problems do not stay in the house.
  7. Your Strata Manager will contact the building insurer the next working day, who will send an assessor and attend to any structural repairs

Gas: GXR Plumbing – 0437 800 192
Electric: Power Care Electrical – 0417 900 974

Break In & Damage to Glass

  1. Contact the Police and report the break in
  2. The Police will give to you a Police Report number — you must keep this number to be able to lodge an insurance claim
  3. If you require a glazier to attend we recommend: City Glass Solutions 0439 528 932
  4. Forward details of the break in along with the police report number and a copy of the invoice to our office so we can lodge the insurance claim on your behalf and seek reimbursement of the account.

Gas Leak

Turn the gas off at the mains immediately and call: GXR Plumbing 0437 800 192

Electrical Problem That May Cause Harm

Turn the power off at the mains immediately and call: Power Care Electrical 0417 900 974

Burst Water Pipe

Turn the Water off at the mains immediately and call: GXR Plumbing 0437 800 192

Power Lines Fallen Down

Call Western Power immediately on 13 13 51.