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Meet the property owners who, after switching to O’Neil Real Estate, are experiencing a more professional and complete property management service.

“O’Neil Real Estate always follows things up, they follow things through. And when something needs to be done, they do it.”
Don – Property Owner
“The most important thing when choosing a property manager is to find someone who will treat your property like their own.”
Nick – Property Owner
“We’ve been with O’Neil Real Estate for 12 years. The property management team has been far superior to any other agents.”
Linda – Property Owner
“Simplicity is the key thing with O’Neil Real Estate. Communication is very clear. I highly recommend them to every investor.”
Bill – Property Owner
“By being local, they have the experience. The communication and expert knowledge that O’Neil Real Estate brings is second to none.”
Kate – Property Owner

Tenant Selection

At O’Neil Real Estate, we understand that the cornerstone of a successful property management experience lies in meticulous Tenant Selection. The right tenant can make all the difference, safeguarding your investment and ensuring a steady rental income. Our proven screening methods dig deeper to find tenants who are not only financially reliable but also respectful of your property.

Local Knowledge

Understanding the local market is crucial for setting competitive rental rates, attracting quality tenants, and offering insightful advice on property improvements. With our finger on the pulse of local trends and property values, we are perfectly positioned to maximise the returns on your investment. Our deep-rooted connections within the community also allow us to solve issues more efficiently, making your property management experience hassle-free.


It’s not just about relaying messages; it’s about building trust and ensuring you’re always in the loop regarding your investment. From routine updates to prompt responses to your queries, our commitment to open communication ensures that there are no surprises. This approach enables us to tackle issues proactively, keep tenants satisfied, and ultimately, safeguard your investment for the long term.

Repairs & Maintenance

Proactive maintenance is essential for preserving the value of your property and ensuring the satisfaction of your tenants. By staying ahead of wear and tear, we minimise the risk of costly emergency repairs and extend the lifespan of integral property features. Regular inspections and timely interventions keep your property in prime condition, making it attractive to both current and prospective tenants. Our streamlined maintenance process takes the stress out of property management, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your investment without the worry.

Routine Inspections

Routine inspections serve as the backbone of effective property management, providing an invaluable opportunity to assess the condition of your property and the compliance of your tenants. These regular checks allow us to spot potential issues before they escalate, from maintenance concerns to lease violations. By keeping a vigilant eye on your property, we can recommend timely interventions that not only preserve its value but also enhance tenant satisfaction. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your property is well cared for is immeasurable.


Teamwork is more than a buzzword; it’s a core principle that amplifies the success of property management. Our interdisciplinary team collaborates seamlessly to provide a holistic service, covering everything from tenant selection to maintenance and financial reporting. Each member brings specialised knowledge and skills to the table, ensuring that every aspect of managing your property is handled with expertise and care. The result is a more efficient process, quicker problem-solving, and a harmonious relationship between landlords, tenants, and property managers. In essence, our teamwork is your peace of mind.

Meet the tenants who have found their perfect home, and who are enjoying the exceptional service of our Property Management team.

“They’re extremely friendly. It’s that friendly approach their agents have that I give kudos to.”
Phil – Tenant
“There is always someone to speak with. If a problem has ever arisen or an issue, not waiting on that phone call back has been great.”
Amanda – Tenant
“Everyone is very pleasant, and it feels like someone is coming to visit, rather than an intrusion.”
Robert & Valma – Tenants

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