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Residential Property Management

Let us turn your rental property into a worry free investment.
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The decision to appoint a Property Manager is not one that should be taken lightly. Effective property management is no longer just a rent collection service; it now requires a comprehensive range of skills designed to reduce risk and ensure that you achieve the best possible return from your investment.

Residential tenancies in Western Australia are governed by the Residential Tenancies Act. This Act recently underwent a dramatic review resulting in the introduction of substantial amendments. These amendments have increased the obligations of the property owner and allow for greater financial penalties in instances of non-compliance with legislative requirements. More than ever it is prudent to ensure that your investment property is in the hands of skilled and experienced managing agents.

Our Property Management division is staffed by a team of motivated and trained professionals who have been entrusted with the management of more than $300 million worth of property. Our team is highly regarded by both local and interstate members of the real estate industry, are winners of national group awards, and are members of the Leading Property Managers of Australia (LPMA).

Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to talk to thousands of property investors about their needs, experiences and hopes.This feedback has helped us to define what is most important to you as a property investor.

In summary, this is:

  • The condition of your property
  • Keeping vacancy periods to a minimum
  • Securing excellent tenants
  • Achieving the best rental return
  • Maximising your property’s capital growth

To meet these requirements and deliver peace of mind to our clients, we have developed our property management service to include extensive systems and procedures aimed at consistently delivering a premium property management service; a property management service that knows what you want and how to deliver it!

Who we are is undeniably shaped by what we believe in – not just as individuals but also as a company.

At O’Neil Real Estate we have a passion for and are committed to a number of core values and principles. In fact, from the very beginning we’ve been as committed to earning a reputation for our honesty and integrity as we have for our success and professionalism. Moreover, every staff member is required to uphold and practice these same high standards. While many things have changed since O’Neil Real Estate opened its doors in 1967, our commitment in this regard has not.

Over the years these core principles have allowed us to deliver an innovative, personalised and professional service to thousands of home owners, investors and tenants. These results have seen O’Neil Real Estate develop and grow into the district’s largest provider of real estate services with expertise in all areas of real estate, including sales, auctions, leasing, as well as property and strata management.

We understand that ultimately, client satisfaction is the only true measure of success. When you choose O’Neil Real Estate to partner with you in the management of your home or investment property, you can rest easy knowing that we have your best interests at heart – our reputation depends on it.

Why should you choose O’Neil Real Estate as your Property Manager? We believe that there are lots of reasons to do so, including:

Marketing & Tenant Vacancy

We appreciate that many owners rely on regular rental income to meet mortgage commitments and so we developed a detailed and timely marketing strategy to minimise vacancy periods.

Did you know that each week your property is vacant, your annual rental return will be reduced by 2%?

Our Property Managers maintain weekly communication with all owners whose property is vacant in order to keep them informed of feedback from prospective tenants.

The length of the vacancy period can be attributed to three key factors:


The market ultimately determines what a property will rent for. For this reason, it is important that the property is listed at a price which is in keeping with current rental values. An overpriced property is not only likely to attract reduced interest, but may also attract the wrong calibre of tenants. In our experience, quality tenants have a good understanding of the current market conditions and will only make an application for properties which are appropriately priced. Our experienced staff will provide you with an accurate value of your property supported by current market evidence.


First impressions do count and the way in which your property is presented will have an impact on the vacancy period, rental value achieved and the quality of the tenant(s).

It is our practice that prospective tenants should not be shown a property unless it is presented at the standard at which they will be expected to maintain it. This sets the benchmark from the very beginning and reduces the likelihood of disputes during and at the end of the tenancy.


In order to attract the highest quality and most suitable tenants for your property it must be widely and extensively marketed to generate maximum exposure. With 8 out of 10 people using real estate internet portals to search for properties, quality internet advertising is an essential part of the advertising campaign. Our agency subscribes to the industry’s best online real estate portals including,, and in addition to our own high profile website. The use of professional photography ensures that your property is shown in it’s best possible light.

When you list your property for rent with O’Neil Real Estate, you can expect the full marketing campaign to be implemented within 2 business days. This includes photography, internet advertising, prominent signage and inclusion on our agency rental list.

Tenant Selection

We believe that the key to successful property management depends largely upon selecting the right tenant for your property. Consequently, our tenancy screening process is one of the most thorough in the industry. As part of this process, we utilise two major tenancy databases, stringent reference checks and a comprehensive application process which includes face-to-face meetings.


All maintenance items are referred to you for approval and carried out in accordance with your instructions.

We work hard to ensure that the tradespeople used by our office meet a high standard, are licensed and have public liability insurance to protect you and your investment. Due to the volume of work we arrange on behalf of our client base, we are often in a position to negotiate a great price with our regular tradespeople.

For those times when we are unable to contact you, we usually request authorisation to spend up to $500 on essential maintenance. However, you can be assured that prior to using this authorisation, every attempt will be made to contact you.

In certain circumstances the Residential Tenancies Act grants the tenant the right to arrange emergency repairs. It is our preference that, also in these circumstances, one of our recommended contractors attends the property to carry out these emergency repairs. For this reason, each tenant is provided with an emergency plan showing contact details for our recommended contractors.


Our property management team regularly carries out property inspections on behalf of all owners. During these inspections we conduct a general check of both the internal and external condition of the property, after which a written report is provided to the owner outlining our findings.

If the inspection finds that there are repairs or maintenance required at the property, it is important that this is rectified immediately, as a lack of maintenance hinders the capital growth of your property and may potentially lead to an injury claim. In the event that the tenant has damaged the property or failed to fulfil their obligations under the lease, they will be issued with a Breach Notice requiring them to repair the damage or rectify the default. A follow up inspection will also be scheduled for 14 days later to ensure compliance with the Breach Notice. In these circumstances you will be notified immediately.

You can also be confident that a detailed final inspection is carried out after the tenant has vacated and before any bond monies are released. We aim to ensure that when a tenant vacates the property, there are no surprises. While some tenants may feel we are overly particular, we are serious about looking after your property and maintaining its value. We carefully check the premises against the original Property Condition Report and supporting photography to ensure that the tenant has left the property in the same condition, taking into account reasonable wear and tear, as per legislative requirements.

Rent Arrears

Ensuring that your tenant pays their rent on time is a critical aspect of our management service. Careful tenant selection, and our strict rent arrears process allows us to boast an exceptionally low level of tenant rent arrears across our entire property management portfolio.

In accordance with company policy, rental payments are checked and reconciled on a daily basis and tenants who fail to pay rent within 3 days of the due date will be issued a Notice of Termination (in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act). You will be notified of this in writing and updated once the arrears have been remedied. If a rent payment remains unpaid, we will make application to the Magistrates Court for termination of the tenancy.

Tools & Technology

We aim to provide a faster, more efficient and more reliable service. To aid us in this, we utilise the country’s most advanced trust accounting software as well as flexible electronic payment solutions, iPad inspection software and personalised owner internet portals giving owners access to their information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our team maintains peak performance through continuing professional development with industry leading consultants, regular internal training and a comprehensive procedural system streamlining the daily workings of the department. O’Neil Real Estate is known as an agency that leads rather than follows, integrating modern techniques and technologies while maintaining our traditional values and integrity.


Our role is to maximise your return and minimise your hassles.

As your Property Manager we have a duty of care to ensure you are aware of risks that you may be exposed to with your rental property. We strongly recommend that you take out Landlord Protection Insurance in addition to the standard home and contents policies you are likely to be familiar with. Landlord Insurance provides additional cover for many of the risks and potential loss that investors face, including Rent Default, Malicious or Accidental Damage and Tenant Hardship.

While there is an abundance of Landlord Protection Insurance policies available today, not all of them will be able to provide you with the features you require. Please speak with one of our Property Management staff if you would like further information about Landlord Protection Insurance.

For further information, please ask for a brochure from one of our Property Management staff.

These days, many property management departments promise to offer the highest level of service, give the best advice and “look after your property as though it were their own”.

How many of them actually guarantee this promise to their clients?

O’Neil Real Estate are so committed to delivering exceptional service, professionalism and property management expertise that we have established a detailed Service Guarantee to our clients. This Service Guarantee gives you the confidence that your investment property will be looked after with the highest level of communication, follow up and diligence.

We guarantee to:

  • respond to telephone calls within 1 business day
  • respond to fax and email requests within 1 business day
  • provide you with weekly contact while your property is vacant
  • ensure your property is accurately advertised and marketed to a high standard utilising professional photography within 2 business days of listing
  • thoroughly vet and check all tenancy applications (including ID and database checks) and provide details to the owner for approval
  • prepare and execute all documentation in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act
  • collect a full rental bond prior to the tenant receiving the keys and lodge funds with the Bond Administrator
  • prepare a detailed written property condition report in accordance with legislative requirements (including comprehensive photography) within 7 days of occupancy
  • monitor arrears on a daily basis and promptly issue the appropriate notices
  • advise owners of defaulting tenants over 3 days in arrears with rent
  • carry out regular property inspections and forward a written report within 7 days
  • advise the owner of any damage at the premises and arrange any repairs and maintenance required in accordance with owner instructions
  • carry out final inspections in accordance with legislative requirements and correctly administer the rental bond monies
  • review the rent at least once a year
  • provide owner payments of rental funds twice per month
  • administer all funds through an audited trust account
  • provide a FREE sale appraisal each year upon request
  • provide expert advice with regard to the application of Residential Tenancies Act and have a thorough knowledge associated legislations (eg Anti-Discrimination and Privacy Act)
  • utilise quality systems and procedures to reduce human error
At O’Neil Real Estate, our aim is to be recognised as the leaders in Residential Property Management practice, offering unrivalled levels of service.

Our “all inclusive” fee structure is aimed at giving you an open and transparent representation of costs associated with the management services provided.

Please arrange an appointment time with our Business Development Manager to discuss the fees in further detail.

We’d love the opportunity to sit down with you and further explain how O’Neil Real Estate delivers a superior real estate service time after time. Furthermore, we would like to demonstrate how we can help you achieve the same outstanding results that thousands of our clients have enjoyed since 1967.

Likewise, if you have questions, please speak to a member of our team. They will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible.

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“Our experience with O’Neils has been as tenants for 2 and a half years now. We have had two property managers during this time and we cannot commend them enough for the level of respect and customer service they have given us as tenants. Both have been professional with every request we have made, getting back to us quickly and communicating with us openly every step of the way. Both have also been very friendly and easily approachable for anything at all. It is a pleasure to work with you as an agency.””

-True local Review

“Absolutely the best property managers, 10 out of 10 O’Neil. It’s great to have you guys/girls on our team as we build our property portfolio, it’s reassuring to know that our investments are being managed by a professional team that always provides great, fast and friendly service. I would highly recommend O’Neil’s to anyone looking for excellent in property management.”

-S Davis

“We have rented our first investment property with O’Neil and both my wife and I have been extremely impressed. We pay a fixed rate that covers pretty much everything and keeps things simple. With details inspection reports complete with photos and regular updates the whole thing has been a dream. We’re fortunate to have a great tenant but O’Neil was responsible for getting them. We want all our future investment homes to be managed by O’Neil Real Estate.””

-A Wager